Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today I'm Grateful For.....

1. Being sober, able to be a productive member of society.
2. Having a supportive and loving family including my boyfriend, mom, sister, and baby girl.
3. My baby Girl-whose smile and giggles light my world
4. My boyfriend's parents whose generosity is unmatchable with treating the 5 of us to a trip to Italy for a month.
5. My boyfriend's ex-wife who has been an absolute angel-letting me drive her van since she bought a new Prius.
6. That my sister has finally decided to marry her "boyfriend" of 15 years-to see her 4 beautiful daughters as flower girls and to bring the family together for something other than a funeral.
7. For a job less than 2 miles from my home doing something I like with people I like!
8. For my Mom-what a woman. She babysits my daughter everyday day and a few nights a week while I attend night school to get my long overdue high school diploma.
9. For my boyfriend Marco. He puts up with all of my bitchiness and loves me so much.
10. For Marco's 2 boys Miki and Marcello. They make me laugh and are just sweethearts.
11. That my mom made me a dress to wear for my sisters wedding after a never-ending frustration of shopping for something to wear that I could afford and fit in.
12. For my friends Valerie, Petal, and Raquel- my 3 best friends that I've known for years and years.
13. For my sponsor Meridith, who I haven't known that long, but love, admire, and respect and can tell I'll have a friend for life in her.
14. For AA and the people in my 2 groups. I feel so welcome and comfy.
15. The blogging community who gives me so much inspiration !

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